Vers is coming from the word versatile, which is being able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.

How can we all embrace each other’s differences, and celebrate our variances ?

Versatility is a state of mind, a way of living.

On stage 4 performers are sharing their stories of which they felt rejection towards their differences.

Vers was created with the support of Yotzrim and the ministry of culture & art, Fresco dance company, Tel Aviv municipality, Rabinovich foundation, Polyland, Einav centre, and Emilie Leriche.

Choreography and concept : Ido Gidron

Performers and creators : Evyatar Omessy, Naomi Kats, Gregory

Lev, Shani Licht.

Rehearsal director - Melanie Berson

Lighting designer : Yoav Barrel

Styling : Omri Albo

Videographer : Ellie Polyrock Hadad

Dramaturgy : Rachel Erdos

Music : Alon Perez, Kate Bush, The hers, PowerThoughts Meditation Club.