While teaching Contemporary classes, Gaga & Pilates on a regular bases, here are some highlights that happened during the years.


April 20th - 29th
Performing Somewhere by Elad Schechter

April 29th & 30th
USCD, San Diego
Premiere of Haven, LitvakDance

March 31st
New York City, USA
Gaga / people at Gibney

March 27th - April 2nd
New York City
Performing Somewhere by Elad Schechter

March 9th & 10th
Inbal Theatre, Tel Aviv
Premiere of Klila

March 6th
Vertigo Dance Program, Jerusalem
Pre-premiere of Klila

February 28th
The Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance, Jerusalem
Pre-premiere of Klila

January 14th - January 30th
Tel Aviv, Israel
Artist in Residence at Bikurei Haetim Dance School