(Commission work for Kennesaw State University)

Nadir is a work that came right after the pandemic.

Nadir refers to the conflict of our own self thoughts in relation to the surroundings.

How much can we change, regardless the people around us.

Can we still go through a process of self healing, when everything stays the same ?

Nadir was created as part of the visiting artist program of the Israel Institute.

Choreography and concept : Ido Gidron

Dancers / Collaborators : Leah Prince, Zachary Pritts, Chaes Hatfield, Deanna Saunders, Anna Jackson, Angelita Itzanami and Larry Burns.

Production : Marsha Barsky, Lisa Lock and David Tattoo.

Music : Paul Stevens, Aldous Harding, Bachar Mar-Khalife and vocals by Marsha Barsky.

Photos by Lauren Liz