Gever Forever

Gever Forever is dealing with the properties of being a man in the 2000’s, and how this idea is in a constant change.

Exploring the meanings of being a “man” throughout the history, like Being able to hold and carry a person. Biological factors are not sufficient determines of whether a person considers themselves a man or is considered a man.

Gever Forever was created as part of the “Curtain Up” dance festival in Israel, 2018.

Special Thanks to the Ministry of Culture and Sport in Israel , Shradaa Yoga Studio and TanzFabrik Potsdam in Germany.

Choreography and concept : Ido Gidron

Dancers : Roni Rahamim / Madison Hoke and Ido Gidron

Lighting designer : Nadav Barnea.

Choreographer’s Assistant : Rachel Erdos, Gianni Notarnicola

Music : Wagner, Orgad Marciano, Blindoldfreak.