Klila is a full evening work by Ido Gidron, with the collaboration of dancers Dorit Talpaz and Shmuel Halfon.

Klila in Hebrew refers to the feeling of unity, being united.

It tells the story of a mother, father and son, through different,  llustrative situations

that are facing their causes of being / not being a united family.

The work has received support from the Israeli art foundation - Hapais,  BIkurei Haitim Dance Program, Choreographic centre Kelim, Kamp"i - Jerusalem Performance Community, Bar-Kaima Institution and  GDance Projects.

Choreography and Concept : Ido Gidron

Dancers / Collaborators : Dorit Talpaz, Shmuel Halfon

Rehearsal Director : Melanie Person

Light Design : Amir Castro

Camera : Ellie Polyrock Haddad

Music : Tom waits, Luke Howard, Ido Gidron, John Bennet, Muun, Clement Janequin, Goldmund, Hania Rani

Photo by Lisa Kremer